V5 release!

Hi guys i have some news!

Well, i was thinking that i had so many features and changes that i’ll make instead of a 4.4 update an 5.0 release!

Here are the things so far that has been changed from 4.3:

-Waving carrot
-Waving tomato
-New lens flare effects

-Underwater is darker at night
-Some color filter changes at noon and night
-Torch color
-Sunlight color
-Sunlight intensity
-Water color
-Water wave shader
-Torch light intensity
-Handlight intensity
-Shadow color
-Godrays color
-The water underwater is much more transparent
-More fog
-Improved torch handlight method
-Improved bloom
-Improved contrast
-Improved gamma
-Improved night rays
-Improved underwater shaders
-Improved dirty lens
-Improved some color filters

-Rain was too bright

-Some lenses
-Some old bloom codes

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    • robobo1221

      This is just the changelog of what have been change for now