V5.1 R1 is out!

Yep V5.1 R1 is out!

Test it out and comment if there are any bugs.



-Water refract (implemented by Werrus)
-Water caustics (implemented by Werrus)
-More layers of clouds
-Blinn_Phong sun refraction
-More offsets to bloom
-Fog to water
-Ambient color to clouds

-Sunlight color
-Godrays color
-Water color
-Water opacity
-Tonemap curve
-Color correction
-Overal brightness
-Sky color
-Minecraft lightmap
-Cloud color
-Improved Rain reflections
-Improved some variables
-Improved water waving animations
-Reflection algorithm
-Reflection strength
-Fog amount


-Sun goes trough distand blocks
-Hand is no longer blury