Update: Development process

Hey guys!

So I have some updates for you all.
Today we are talking about the Development process. Unfortunately, I’ve been buisy with other things lately like other projects, school, etc.
The developent of v7.1 is still in progress but will take longer due to that.

I’m very sorry but I have to set priorities. The pack itself is not my main priority right now. But when I’m done with my projects, it will.
This is also the reason that I have not posted something in a while now.

So, I just wanted to clear that out.
Thanks for understanding,


  • David zhang

    I could understand that…
    After all,I think the personal projects are such more important than this pack.
    There are always something more important than other just like this pack,so do I…My personal works were also discontinued for a long time( one of reasons is that I were broke up with my girl friend…I don’t want to annoy she…)
    To tell the turth that I had followed your update for a long time…I start to use your shader since 5.1(so sorry for that my Bad English Speaking,I’m not dare to reply your topic because I’m afraid that I could make mistakes in grammar) I hope that the color could be improved that sometimes I think the color is not well might be the ONLY disadvantages.As you can see the others effect works well…
    Also Looking for Updateing :)

  • Nick Brown

    Thank you for v7. It’s the best MC shader by far and I’ve tried *many* so best of luck with v7.1 when you have time :) Your shader + Realistico = heaven. Would love DOF and Motion Blur options if you get chance! Best wishes.

    • robobo1221

      DoF is comfirmed in 7.1. I dont know much about motionblur though. But, 7.1 is comming soon aswell! :)

      • Nick Brown

        Sure, I saw that feature was confirmed, thank you :) I tried enabling it by uncommenting `hex_offsets` and `getDof` and the call to the latter in final.fsh but no joy – worth a shot!

        For now I modified 6.1 to allow customisation of POM_MAP_RES via the menu, then set it to 512 for Realistico texture pack. It looks amazing with DOF on :) Your shader both looks fantastic and doesn’t exhibit the visual glitches I’ve seen with SEUS etc. when it comes to corner lighting and/or POM, it’s wonderful. Appreciate your efforts!