Hey guys!

I just have a litting thing for you.
So, i decided to start a trello 😀
Here you can see what i am working on and what i am done with etc.

So if you want, you should check it out! : )


PS, If you find any bugs in the shaders, please report in there or comment it on my shader post.

  • Ronin Graves

    I don’t know how to comment on Trello, however I have a bit of feedback, on Nvidia cards (at least the ones I own) reflections cause a huge drop in frame rate. Even if all reflections are turned off (water reflections, rain reflections, and specular reflections) if the main REFLECTIONS option is enabled I get a 10-20 fps drop

    • robobo1221

      Hmm strange… anyway, i am currently working on making them better on frames. i dont know if it wil help or not. and, what card do you have?

      • Ronin Graves

        Nvidia Geforce 940m
        Nvidia Geforce 130

        • robobo1221

          Hmm, well you might try using your 940 and disable the 130.