Some 6.1 screens

Hey guys!

Maybe i can make you guys a little bit hyped up by revealing some screens! :)

2016-05-13_15.20.58 2016-05-13_15.20.21 2016-05-13_15.19.42 2016-05-13_15.19.25 2016-05-13_15.23.35

Hope you guys like the way its looking now!

Well, thank you for reading and looking at the pics!
I hope you are as much excited as i am!


  • Sanrio

    It looks good! I am excited already :O

    • robobo1221

      Thanks! mee too :)

  • NJDaeger

    when ;-;

    • robobo1221

      soon :) Btw i saw you on the server but you left ;_;

      • NJDaeger

        😀 I thought you either left, or you were in vanish. I wasn’t completely sure xD

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  • p0rtalmazter

    OMG THOSE SCREENSHOTS LOOK SO AMAZING! I’m so excited for the updated
    i love the lens flares and especially the water effects. keep up the good work!