• Василий Воронин
    • robobo1221

      Thanks! 😀

  • James Pham


  • BlackSteel97

    Hey, I’m loving the shaders so far, but the Nether is still unfixed. I think it just needs a thicker fog. (Render distance is at 16)
    Keep up the good work!

    • robobo1221

      Yeah. I will most likely get the nether to work in a future release. The current release only has the overworld shaders.

  • awesome guy193

    hey Robobo1221, im using your shader, i need permission for the codes for water, im thinking of adding them to my shaders. only thing is, i WOULD be calling them my shaders, because-

    a. i need only the water codes

    b. my shaders are for minecraft pocket edition, not minecraft pc, so its gunna be really hard for me to add the water codes.

    i can have a credit to you in my startscreen, if you want.

    hope you agree (pls agree)

    if you wanna talk to me, im only on G+, and my username is the same so you can look it up. pls reply fast

    • robobo1221

      Sure go ahead. If you can get them in your shaders, that would be cool. And yes you need to give me credits. Also, you can not claim the code for your own and tell its yours, but you can publish it with a clear credit.

      • awesome guy193

        yeah yeah yeah thanks alot i will give you credit i wont call the water codes mine, you made them, theyre yours, thanks alot for agreeing

      • awesome guy193

        but can you do me a favor? Ive ever treid porting pc shaders to pe before and the water codes are like, EVERYWHERE. in composite, in composite1 and 2 and stuff, so its getting hard for me. ill try my best but can you also help me?