Feeling kinda weird IDK…

Hey guys,

around 3 weeks ago i released my 6.0 with the VL ofcourse. After that De-Delner released his preview with the VL.

So for some reason i am getting this feeling that my shader is not getting appreciated by the community,
and that everyone thinks De-Delner is the first one that released the Volumetric Light.
I dont know how i feel. It feels like, back in the day when my shader was so underated as hell. I get that same feeling now.
It feels like someone else is going away with the fame and no one appreciates my shaderpack. I dont know…

I’m just saying this since i want to keep you guys informed on what is going on atm.

I hope you understand,





  • Triliton

    We all know its YOU who should get credits for the VL.

    • robobo1221

      It’s not me that should get it at all, it should be the guy that made the article

      • Triliton

        That was what…back in 02? But yea

  • Ronin Graves

    I honestly think your shader is the most feature full out there, it seems like most of them around right now are copy pasted from a generic base but yours is actually very original.

    • robobo1221

      well, thanks. i appreciate it man :)

  • KFF

    You shouldn’t feel weird or unappreciated! The first reason is just that dedelner is more popular than yours. And the second reason that his shader is optimised for low card pc’s. Your shader is optimised for mid and high end pc. I’ve been watching for shader for years. Cody Darr(Sonic Ether) was the first person who showed VL in some videos. But there isn’t a puplic release at this point. You shader was the first and is at the moment the best VL shader!
    Why don’t you start an online survey for preferred shaders, functions (underwater, sight, light and darkness etc) and the communities reasons ?
    May I ask on question belonging to that and please, don’t feel offended or so, do you make the shader for the community or yourself, hoping the community will support you?

    • robobo1221

      well, i mainly make shaders for people that want to use it. also just for the fun.

  • Sergeant Sarcasm

    What sucks is that I just discovered these shaders by a shoutout that DeDelner gave out. By the looks of it, your shaders are of a much better quality, just of a different purpose. I’m sorry that the community has kinda shadowed over you, having great work go unrecognized is the worst. I wish the best of ya man.

    • robobo1221

      Hey man Thanks!