Dev Blog #5

Hey guys!

There is a new dev blog! 😀
This time its a video.

Take a look:

Hope you like the video!
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  • Matthew

    Surprised this hasn’t yet got more comments. I just refound your shaders, was trying something beyond seus to see if i could get a similar experience, without SEUS touches, and I found yours. Although I am just in 6.0 atm, I am loving it, and these close by teasers for 6.1 wet my appetite all the more. Really looking forward to release (which you expect to be how far away now?), and gl in future coding for the shaders.
    Just one Q however, does the volumetric lighting work on the coloured glass, as in can we expect to see light like we see in the hall be coming through like that and tinted through our stained glass windows. Uber hyped and can’t wait to hear back from you.

    • robobo1221

      Hey! thanks!

      Well, i was planning on doing the release today.
      Also a awnser on your question: Unfortunately i can not have the coloured Volumetric Light since it takes up a bunch of resources to let it run. But normal Volumetric Light shines trough it :)

      • Matthew

        Uber excited then, looking forward to seeing the new update posted, will really light up my recent build ((the coloured light that is)). And fair does about the challenges of coloured volumetrics, makes sense, so long as we can still get our coloured light patches, i be happy :D. Looking forward to the release and can’t wait to see what could come in the next update :)

        ((you fixed the flickering sunsets btw?, or otherwise found a work around for it- by flickering i mean the white flickers as the light level changes at sunset/sunrise, all the best and hope that you have- don’t want to delay you further :P))

  • Danny

    Extremely good!:)

    • robobo1221

      Thanks! 😀