dev blog #2

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since i updated you guys on what i did for the last few weeks. So, here we go!

So, first of i’m working very hard to get 5.2 R1 ready for testing there are minor bugs in it but can possibly be fixed.
I also downloaded some in-real-life pictures so i can get some colors of the torch etc. By just copying the Red, Green and Blue amounds, i can create some pretty realistic colors.

I’ve also worked on a better and much more cleaner Cross-Process. It turned out verry nice and much more white than the previous one!

The next thing is a new and improved Sky_Gradient.
Now at the evening it’s much more yellowish and at the morning it’s more redish. It turned out very good:




Also night turned out very good:



I’ve also changed the torch color to be a lot more realistic:



I also added some cloud animations, Hq shadowfilter, Performace improvemends, and much more!

I have one little question for you guys.
Well, since i’ve changed the sky color etc. The actual MotionBlur is very buggy. Can you guys please report if it needs to be removed,  when 5.2 R1 comes out?

Expect to see the new dev build around next week or so!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you have a great day,


  • crap_NoUsername

    4.2? lul

    • robobo1221

      hehe thanks! fixed it xD

  • Maxi Cookkie

    Hey ! nice work,
    just wanted to ask you if you were going to add a map for rain reflexions like other shaders, it creates little puddles on the ground and it feels way more realistic than total and uniform reflexion.
    here is a screenshot to explain what i’m talking about
    sorry if my english is bad, and if you dont understand what I mean,
    try KUDA and you’ll see.

    and perhaps there is too much bloom

    (for me 😛 )

    but the colors are really cool and the lighting feels great !


    • robobo1221

      Thanks! I see what you mean. Maybe ill do that in the upcomming livestream next week! I cant right now because im on vacation atm! Dont have that good internet and no pc so…

      • Maxi Cookkie

        Okey ! thx for taking the time to reply.
        enjoy your vacation ! 😀

  • studiorobo

    Are you aware of the bug when storming? All the textures in the world turn black and only the shader is left to see.

    • robobo1221

      Yes i know that bug. You can fix it by disable rain reflections in the next release