dev Blog #1

Hi guys!

This is the first dev blog!
Well, what this is going about is that i will give you some info of what is going around with the pack!

Starting off,
Im collaboratingwith AirLoocke42! He’s also a shader developer and you can check his shaderpack out here: LINK

He managed to add clouds in my shaderpack!
These are the results:


Also i manged to add an sun glow on the fog:


This is the code:

float volumetric_cone = pow(max(dot(normalize(fragpos),lightVector),0.0),2.5)transition_fading;
fogclr += sunlight

I’ve also changed the sun color and stuff
And. im planning on adding rainlenses, better wetness and cloud sun position color!

Well, the pack is almost done for the release!
I’m verry excited to release this pack! i hope you guys are too!

Thanks for reading,