6.1 is almost ready for release!

Hey guys!

I wanted to let you guys know im not dead.
But what i did the last couple of weeks is finishing up 6.1! 😀

So, today i made one of my best features i’ve ever made! It’s Volumetric Clouds.
These aren’t from seus or continuum. These one are derrived from my Volumetric Light.

Here are some screens:


They are not done tho, but they are pretty cool so far!

The other things i did for the shader is, foreward rendering, infinite shadow distance and fps fixes!

So i hope you guys are as excited as i am! 😀

Well, i see you soon!

  • p0rtalmazter

    (lol i watched this get posted) im so excited for this release and the clouds look so real!

  • Didjey228

    Hi Robobo1221. I would like to ask, new version RoboboShaders will work on mac ???

    • robobo1221

      Well, i dont think so. Mac isnt realy a good operating system to run shaders :/

      • Didjey228

        Yes! You would be able to optimize RoboboShaders for Mac ???

        • robobo1221

          I dont have a mac, so i need to find someone that can give me errors from the log.

          • Didjey228

            Ok. I’m launched Minecraft 1.8.9 with RoboboShaders v6 Extreme. Here’s error’s log: http://pastebin.com/MVAWZRp0

          • robobo1221

            Allright, i fixed all these issues. Hopefully 6.1 is compatible with mac. And if its not i might do a hotfix after it! 😀

          • Didjey228

            Thank your very much. I’m very happy! 😀

  • Sergeant Sarcasm

    Hey Robobo, I’m a fairly new developer when it comes to GLSL shaders and I’m still trying to work out some of the kinks of it, would you mind if I asked you a few questions about it? I’m coming to you because everyone else I’ve asked is very short and unfriendly when it comes to this kind of stuff, and I’ve noticed you’re much more friendly and open with your community (not to mention incredibly smart and innovative with your shaders). If you could tell me a way I could contact you if you’re cool with this that would be great!

    • robobo1221

      Yeah ofcourse you can contact me! You can hit me up on skype 😀 My skype is robobo1221 :)

  • Василий Воронин

    Can we increase clouds density?

    • robobo1221

      Yes you can :)

  • Danny

    OMG!!!Volumetric clouds!!! I thought it’s IMPOSSIBLE to add VC in Chocapic 13shaders before!!!

    • robobo1221

      Well, its not realy adding. its more just basing the VC from my VL. it was kinda a difficult task to do. but they are not done yet. however, you can enable them in the shaders options

      • Danny

        But that’s still pretty cool:)