New discord server for better interaction between ShaderDevs and Community

Hey guys!

So, most of you guys know that shaders can have bugs. And most of the time you need to report them through the comments. Well, I think we can do it simpler.

BokuNoNico has come to an idea, that we use discord to get most of the bugs out of the way. Also in the discord server, you can ask other stuff you’d like to ask us. You can also talk with us over voice etc etc.

Here you can find the server: LINK

I see you all there!


Robobo1221’s Shaders 7.0?

Hey guys.

Long time no seen eh? Well, thats because of two reasons.
1: School stuffs
2: Working on 7.0 😀

So, maybe some of you guys know, V7.0 is going to be COMPLETELY from scratch. Its not a update of 6.1. No, it’s completely build from nothing.
Almost every single features isnt derrived from 6.1, and will most likely run smoother than ever.

Here are some pics:

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I realy hope you love the way it looks now! I still have to implement some features like Dynamic Handlight, Rain puddles and Rain drops. But it’s realy nice right now!.

Well, untill next time!