Some 6.1 screens

Hey guys!

Maybe i can make you guys a little bit hyped up by revealing some screens! :)

2016-05-13_15.20.58 2016-05-13_15.20.21 2016-05-13_15.19.42 2016-05-13_15.19.25 2016-05-13_15.23.35

Hope you guys like the way its looking now!

Well, thank you for reading and looking at the pics!
I hope you are as much excited as i am!


Dev Blog #4

Hey guys!

I have another dev blog! 😀

Today i am going to talk a little bit about tonemaps, Volumetric light, clouds and water shaders


You can see that the overal colors are a lot more saturated. And the fog is a lot more dense then before.

Also i have improved the stability and the look of volumetric light. It runs a lot more better and also look more better.


I also did an improvement on the clouds. They look a lot more fluffier and they are more noticable.


Also i made it so the water depth and caustics are refracting too. And it gives you a parallax water effect.

Another thing i did is optimizing the length function and removed a lot of uniforms and varyings.
It should run 30% better than 6.0

Well, this sums it up for today.

Thanks for reading,