Server released!

Hey guys!

The server is now officially released!
You can join with this ip: or if it does not work:

It is a 24/7 economy, pve survival server!
It works for any 1.9 version!

Well cya guys there!

Server announcement!

Hey guys!

You heard it right!
The server will be up again! 😀
This time with a different IP.

The server will of course be 24/7 and will be a economy survival server!
The server is currently in alpha stage and needs a lot of tweaks, additions and improvements.

The server will be availible to join around next week or 2 weeks!

some screens of the current state of the server:

2016-04-19_14.40.57 2016-04-19_14.48.48 2016-04-19_14.49.11

This server is of course hosted by
The same host that also hosts my website!

Well, hope you guys enjoyed reading.

Have a nice day,

Feeling kinda weird IDK…

Hey guys,

around 3 weeks ago i released my 6.0 with the VL ofcourse. After that De-Delner released his preview with the VL.

So for some reason i am getting this feeling that my shader is not getting appreciated by the community,
and that everyone thinks De-Delner is the first one that released the Volumetric Light.
I dont know how i feel. It feels like, back in the day when my shader was so underated as hell. I get that same feeling now.
It feels like someone else is going away with the fame and no one appreciates my shaderpack. I dont know…

I’m just saying this since i want to keep you guys informed on what is going on atm.

I hope you understand,