Finally after 6 months of hard work, it finally out!

Hope you guys are as excited as i am! 😀

You can download it HERE

Here is the changelog:


-New Eula
-Volumetric Light (Coded with help of this article: http://www.moving-picture.com/documents/VolumetricShadowMapping.pdf )
-Dynamic Water Caustics
-Dynamic Water Refraction
-Smooth sky gradient
-robobo1221sTonemap (Is default tonemap)
-Movie Border
-Chromatic abboration
-Better fog calculation
-Stained Glass Reflections
-Ice Reflections
-2nd phong shading
-Better clouds
-Stars and clouds fully reflecting in the water
-New shadow filter
-New Bloom
-Sun Glow
-Emessive objects glow
-Fake Atmospheric Scattering
-Fake GI (Disabled by default)
-Waves comming from player (Disabled by default)
-islava funtion
-Rain SkyGradient
-Tv screen effect
-Ingame Options
-Option to disable/enable rain drops
-Option to disable/enable Dirty lens (disabled by default)
-Option to disable/enable Fog
-Option to disable/enable All Reflections
-Another land funtion that works on depth


-Color correction from final to composite1
-Sunlight color
-Fog color
-Fog intensity
-The whole color pattern
-Made the whole void main of composite almost out of structs to get cleaner code
-Shadows now go trough water, ice and stained glass
-Torch Color
-Sky color
-The way TruePos works
-Phong shading size
-Phong shading now has a alpha of the reflections instead of shadows
-Uncharted2Tonemap to Robobo1221sTonemap
-The way shadows work (Hardware Filtering)
-Torch rendering
-Rain reflections is only visible with a adjust resource pack
-Rain drops strength
-Fog disappears under cover


-DoF By default (it was to much of a performace hit and it was very buggy)
-Motion Blur By default (it was to much of a performace hit)
-Old Clouds


-Lens Flare is bugged on some amd cards
-Color bleeding from Volumetric Light
-Water on 1.7.10 is bugged for some Nvidia Cards

V6.0 Release Date

Hey guys!

How is everyone doing?
Well, im doing very good since i am so excited about the release date of 6.0!

After almost 6 months of hard work, it’s finally time to release V6.0.
It WILL include Volumetric Light and all the other features i spoke about.
There are even more features that came in this update. But you will see the once the changelog is out.

So, it will also contain my own EULA since the shaders are totally mine now :)

Here are already some screens of 6.0 to make you guys more hyped and stuff 😀


Okay, so lets talk about the release date!

The officially release date of Robobo1221’s Shaders Version 6.0 is…………………………………
Saturday 12th of march 2016

I hope you are very excited as i am!
Since it’s bin so long since 5.4 came out.

Well, Thanks for reading!