Dev Blog #3

Hey Guys!

It’s time for a new dev blog. Finally :)
After almost 3 months of waiting i’m finally more active on the page again.

Before we start the blog, I wanted to say that i’m the owner now of my shaderpack.
It’s because, I am based off Chocapic13’s shaders and i have added and modified so much that i am the owner now of my pack.
This means that I can have my own agreement for my shaderpack.
The agreement will most likely be adjusted when the next update (6.0) comes out.

Well, lets begin with the dev blog.
I will talk about the new features i have been working on the last few months.
The features that are being spoken of are the main features.

Feature #1.
Volumetric Lightning


This is a completely new feature. me, the pleople from the continuum shader and Kilian (Life nexus shader) have been worked on for a long time now.
we are very proud of what we did and it will most likely be in the next update (6.0).

Feature #2
The new and improved sky scattering effect.


This effect is based off the old one. But, this one is fully functional through the whole day.
It’s no longer fading away when it’s between day and night. So that means you no longer have the default minecraft sky.

Feature #3
Out of screen cloud and star rendering.


This feature mainly makes that water and reflections a lot more nicer. It basicly renders the new Clouds in the water without even looking at it.
Same as the new Stars and the sky. Making the reflection border not visible anymore.

So, the 3 main features that are in the next update.
I tested it and compared it to the last update. This update takes around 3 FPS so that is pretty good considering the amount of features.
I am realy excited about the new update and i hope you guys are excited too.

There are also some other features such as:
– ripple effects in the water from player position;
– Smooth bloom;
– Hardware rendered shadows;
– Some other neat effects;
And much more.

The update will most likely come out in several weeks.

So, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

  • Robobo1221