5.4 is out!

Finally! after a month V5.4 is finally out!

Download it here: LINK



-Altitude fog
-Fake rays
-MoonShape Lenses
-Cloud transition
-Noisetex to some lenses
-Noisetex dirty lens
-Calculate exposure
-Dynamic exposure
-Some new lenses
-Build in function optimizers
-Noisetex raindrops

-Made the format of some functions like this: Color.rgb = getVignette(color); making it much more smaller
-Improved the night colors
-Correct the suncolors to each file
-The resolution of the clouds
-The way lenses work
-Anamorphic lens
-Godrays color
-Lens colors
-Sun size
-Caustic amount
-Caustic speed
-Fog color
-Torch color
-made so the torches works underwater
-quality of the water reflections making it run a lot more better

-Removed some cloud layers for more performace
-Removed underwater color

-Some problems with AMD cards
-The new cloud transition is not so glitchy as in 5.2! :)