A friend in help!

In april 2015, Chocapic13 was no longer giving access to let people use his V3 base.
The reason by that was because Sonic Ether, (The creator of “SEUS”) made so you can not use his shader as a base.
Chocapic13’s V3 was based on SEUS, so that means that all the people that used the V3 as a base, can not develop their shaders…

Sensi277, The creator of the “Yshaders” also had his shader based on Chocapic13’s V3.
So, Sensi277 made a Petiton with Sonic Ether, so the V3 shaders can be used again for a base!
Support this Petiton now to get the permissions again to use V3 as a base.

The link to the Petiton:


Thank you for the support!
I hope that V3 can be used again : ) .

So, Have a nice day,



5.3 is out!

5.3 is out guys!

This update focuses on removing old code and replacing it!
This update also has a huge performace update.


This is thangelog:

-New lensflare
-Fake sky scattering
-Tv screen effect
-Fringe DoF
-Distance blur
-Noisetex water normal map
-Noisetex water refract
-Better UI inside code
-Translucent blocks (enable inside terrain.vsh)
-Texture on water (enable inside water.fsh)
-Full water reflection

-Dof is using 30 loops instead of 60 loops, making it run a lot more smoother
-Motionblur is using 4 loops instead of 8 loops, making it run a lot more smoother
-Sunlight color
-Water color
-Godrays color
-Cloud color
-Sky color
-Torch color
-Sunlight intensity
-Shadow color
-Shadow resolution
-Overal color

-Old lensflare
-Color boost
-Bright mult

-Specular maps does not appear well on high res resourcepacks
-Clouds looked a but weird
-Ground looked black for some cards