Server down

Hey guys!

The server is down for a little bit.
It’s because the servers have crashed and the world is messed up now.

When the server is back up i will put a whitelist in so i can rebuild the spawn etc.

Thank you for understanding,


V 5.2 Is out!

Finally after so much waiting,
V5.2 is out!
It has a ton of new features and tweaks!
Check it out here: LINK


-Cloud tranitions
-Uncharted2 Tonemap
-HQ motionblur
-LQ motionblur
-HQ shadow filter
-LQ shadow filter
-Producual sun
-Anamorphic lens
-Raindrops refraction
-Water refraction
-Sky gradient color at sunrise
-Sky gradient color at sunset
-Brightness for almost all bright blocks
-New water waves
-Sun glow at night
-Moon glow at sunset
-Moon glow at sunrise
-New entity files
-Underwater wobbling
-Underwater caustics
-Water color fades in with the reflection
-Tilt shift
-Sky color blends in with the sunlight color
-Define for specular mapping
-Define for rain reflections

-Sunlight color
-Overall color
-Torch color
-Sky color
-Godrays color
-Water color
-Night color
-Water caustics amount
-Shadow filter quality
-DoF amount
-Shadow darkness
-Cloud color
-Underwater reflections strength
-Underwater color
-Handlight distance
-Color_Clamp fix amount
-Specular mapping
-Rain reflections
-surface Reflection strength
-Rain ambient color
-Rain color
-Cloud amount
-Water waving
-Lava color
-Glowstone color
-Lamp color
-Sea lantern color
-Night sky

-Water refraction not showing in 5.1

-Ground goes black on amd cards (To fix this, go into the shader file edit the composite.fsh and put “//” in front of the #define SSAO)
-Enchanted tools in hand are blurry

Stream failure

Hey guys.

So i tried to stream and it did not work.
My CPU was giving up and i could not do anything.
So, i’m not going to stream unil i get my new CPU (hopefully)

The good part is, 5.2 will be released in about 1 hour!

have a nice day,


Stream Date announcement

Hey guys!

I wanted to let you guys know that i have a stream date and time.
The stream will be on 3th of August.
It will start on 9 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time).
I’m gonna finish up 5.2 and write some suggestions down from you guys!
Maybe the suggestions will be in the 5.2 update!

The Link to live stream is: HERE

So Yeah, See you guys there

Have a nice day,