Version 4.3 is out! after so many waiting! :D

Yeah after so many waiting it’s finally here!
Version 4.3 improves a lot of stuff and fixes the weird final.fsh error.
And it also incudes a bunch of new features!

You can download it here:


And here is the changelog:

-New color filter
-Waving nether wart
-New water shader
-Underwater reflections
-A new anamorphic lens
-New sun reflection shader
-New sun shaders
-Some new lenses
-Fog increases when raining

-Godrays color
-Moonrays color
-Shadow is darker when it’s night time
-Darker nights
-Torch color
-Handlight intensity
-It’s more redish when it’s sunset and sunrise
-Water reflections strength

-Some code that is not necessary

Shader did not load because final.fsh had an error