New shader: Triliton’s shaders

Someone created a shaderpack that uses mine as a base!

You can check his pack out here:
You realy support him if you download it! :)

Suggestions and more news

Hi guys!

We have launched a day ago and it’s going very well.
Im hardly trying to finish 4.4/4.35.
Well, it’s almost done so expect to see a dev build verry soon!

But, if you guys have any suggestions please comment below or skype me.
My skype is robobo1221.
You can also e-mail me. My email is <[email protected]>

The suggestions that you guys send in maybe will implement in 4.4/4.35 or 4.5/later.
Please remember don’t get too big for suggestions because i dont have that much experience with glsl.
But yea, send something in and i’ll look at it!

Also, someone that i know is also going to release a pack soon. his name is Triliton.
The pack can be released at any moment now.
If that pack is released, i’ll put it on the posts front-page and put it on my “peaple that use my shaderpack” list in the shaders tab.

But yeah, thats all i wanted to say!

Stay tuned for more upcomming news and the new dev build of my pack!

Thanks for stopping by,


Site is officially released!

Yep thats right! welcome to the site!
This is going to be a replacemend with the minecraft-forum so you can get more info and stuff you know! 😀

But welcome feel free to leave any feedback at [email protected]

Hop you enjoy it,


2015-04-26_19.56.14 - kopie